Conquer In WordPress

How Can I Conquer In WordPress?


Conquer in WordPress may mean different things to different people, but here are a few things that can help you ...

activation/deactivation Plugin

How to create a simple plugin to handle activation/deactivation


Creating a simple plugin to handle activation/deactivation Plugin based on user roles is relatively straightforward. Here’s an example of how ...

Deactivate Plugin

WordPress Deactivate Plugin Depending On login User


There are a few different ways to conditionally deactivate or activate a plugin based on the logged-in user’s role in ...

WooCommerce order emails

How To Display Product Image In WooCommerce Order Emails


In WooCommerce, you can display product images in WooCommerce order emails by hooking into the email template and adding the ...

Quote System

Converting WooCommerce Checkout into a Quote System


Converting the checkout process in WooCommerce to a quote system can be accomplished by making a few changes to the ...


Create WordPress Shortcode To Display Number Of Products


In WooCommerce, you can create a shortcode that displays the total number of products in your store by using the ...

datetime timestamp

Using The Datetime Or Timestamp Data Type In MySQL


In MySQL, you can use the  Datetime Or Timestamp data types to store date and time values. The Datetime data type is ...

jQuery and $ sign

How to use jQuery and $ sign in WordPress


jQuery is one of the best scripting languages to create any kind of functionalities with ease but sometimes it doesn’t ...

Wp_reset_query and Wp_reset_postdata

How To Fetch The Current Taxonomy Term ID In WordPress


WordPress is one of the most used platforms to develop a website. With its easy-to-use features, a non-technical one can ...

Learn how to easily display your blog posts using a WordPress shortcode. explains 3 simple ways of doing it right.

Display Blogposts Using WordPress Shortcode


WordPress shortcode are small pieces of code that you can use to add various features and functionalities to your website. ...

sortable column

Sortable Column On Custom Post type


To make a wordpress sortable column on a custom post type, one needs to follow the below steps: Register column ...

Install WordPress from development to production

Install WordPress From Development To Production


Install WordPress from a development environment to a production environment typically involves the following steps: It is important to note ...

Disable Emoji Icons

How Do Disable Emoji Icons In WordPress


If you are running a WordPress website, you may have noticed that the platform includes emoji icons by default. While ...

How To Add CSS in TinyMCE Editor?


TinyMCE is one of the world’s most advanced rich text editors. It’s used ‘under the hood’ on thousands of different ...

Site URL Be Removed

How Can The Site URL Be Removed From The Wp_enqueue_script


In this article, we will discuss how to remove the Site URL Be Removed from the wp_enqueue_script() function in WordPress ...