How to customize the ACF Repeater Fields?


Taxonomy Field of ACF shows all the terms by default with Parent Terms and Child terms. When using ACF Repeater Fields having Taxonomy Sub Fields, users need to show the dependent terms only. This type of functionality does not exist by default.

How To Set Min And Max Product Quantities In WooCommerce


To change the maximum and minimum quantities of the products, one needs to use the filters provided by WooCommerce.

Hide Or Move Order Notes On Checkout Page Of WooCommerce


Sometimes default features of any plugins or themes are annoying to us as an end-user. 'Order Notes' of WooCommerce which exists below the shipping form on the checkout page is one of the same.

Changing Cart Page Prices Based On Quantity Without a Plugin


If the client wants to vary price based on a number of quantity added to cart for specific products, then as a developer we must ignore the use of the plugin. We must do necessary changes as per hooks and filters of the WooCommerce.

php country codes

PHP Country Codes with List of All Countries


php country array list with country code

How to Add Refund Support and Transaction ID in Woocommerce


While developing a new payment gateway we can easily implement the payment method to collect the payment using the example from the google. But when further process come to store transaction ids and allow refunds , most of initial developer get confused.