WooCommerce Snippets

IP Address to Time Zone Conversion: PHP’s Precision Approach


You want to determine the time zone of a client machine based on its IP address in a PHP application. ...

How To Use Woocommerce Rest Api Documentation


The WooCommerce REST API is a powerful tool that allows developers to interact with WooCommerce stores programmatically. By leveraging this ...

how to change return to shop link in woocommerce

How To Change Return To Shop Link in woocommerce | Geekerhub


In today’s highly competitive e-commerce landscape, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers is vital for success. WooCommerce, a popular ...

Learn How To Add cc In Contact form 7


Contact Form 7 is a versatile WordPress plugin that allows you to create and manage contact forms effortlessly. While it ...

how to get product attribute value in woocommerce

How To Get Product Attribute Value In Woocommerce


When working with WooCommerce, retrieving product attribute values is a common task that allows you to access and utilize valuable ...

Conquer In WordPress

How to hide View Cart button in WooCommerce Mini Cart?


To hide the “View Cart” button in the WooCommerce mini cart, you can use some custom CSS. You can add ...

Deactivate Plugin

WordPress Deactivate Plugin Depending On login User


There are a few different ways to conditionally deactivate or activate a plugin based on the logged-in user’s role in ...

WooCommerce order emails

How To Display Product Image In WooCommerce Order Emails


In WooCommerce, you can display product images in WooCommerce order emails by hooking into the email template and adding the ...

Quote System

Converting WooCommerce Checkout into a Quote System


Converting the checkout process in WooCommerce to a quote system can be accomplished by making a few changes to the ...

Wp_reset_query and Wp_reset_postdata

How To Fetch The Current Taxonomy Term ID In WordPress


WordPress is one of the most used platforms to develop a website. With its easy-to-use features, a non-technical one can ...

delete woocommerce orders

How to Programmatically Delete WooCommerce Orders


WooCommerce provide a way to delete order from admin screen, but when we consider large number of orders to be ...

Changing Cart Page Prices Based On Quantity Without a Plugin


If the client wants to vary price based on a number of quantity added to cart for specific products, then as a developer we must ignore the use of the plugin. We must do necessary changes as per hooks and filters of the WooCommerce.

Hide Or Move Order Notes On Checkout Page Of WooCommerce


Sometimes default features of any plugins or themes are annoying to us as an end-user. 'Order Notes' of WooCommerce which exists below the shipping form on the checkout page is one of the same.