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Looking for WordPress theme and plugin development software? Check out our comprehensive list of top tools and platforms for creating custom themes and plugins. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, these software options will help you streamline your workflow and build stunning WordPress websites.

WordPress theme and plugin software

WordPress plugins 

  • BackupBuddy migration and backup
  • WordPress Console cool, handy, but glitches at times
  • Codestyling Localization For translations, this is a requirement.
  • list hook (shameless plug) several functions for hooks debug
  • Theme-Check performs a series of tests on the theme to ensure that it meets the official repository theme criteria
  • Core Control highly excellent for debugging file system, network, and wp-cron access.
  • Codex Generator (shameless plug) filling up and researching functions Codex

Version control 

Local Development Environments

  • Local by Flywheel
  • DesktopServer
  • MAMP
  • WampServer
  • Vagrant
  • Docker

Debugging Tools

  • Xdebug
  • Query Monitor
  • Debug Bar
  • Log Deprecated Notices
  • Theme Check

Theme Development Frameworks

  • Underscores
  • Genesis Framework
  • Cherry Framework
  • Thesis
  • Hybrid Core
  • Beans

Plugin Development Frameworks

  • WordPress Plugin Boilerplate
  • Pluginception
  • Pimple
  • Titan Framework
  • Redux Framework
  • Carbon Fields

Browser Developer Tools

  • Chrome DevTools
  • Firefox Developer Tools
  • Safari Web Inspector
  • Microsoft Edge Developer Tools


  • Chrome Firefox is already slow and has a lot of addons for developers.


  • Notepad++ – Since installing NetBeans, I’ve hardly ever used it.
  • PHPXref – NetBeans makes it easy to navigate code.
  • WP Tuner – Unfortunately, the performance profiling was not maintained and was broken with WP3.
  • MoWeS – It had become too inconvenient to deal with component upgrades and stability concerns (Apache started to crash all the time)
  • NetBeans – switched to PhpStorm
  • eAccelerator – modern version don’t provide object cache, somewhat unstable (occasional crashes)
  • webgrind – PhpStorm can now interpret and show profiler logs, so there’s no need for it.
  • CSE HTML Validator – On top of everything else, I never get to utilise it.
  • MySQL Query Browser – HeidiSQL has taken its place.

For Mac (OSX) 

  • Coda for text editor, SVN, and SSH CLI
  • Transmit for FTP (again, I usually just use SVN) Parallels w/ Windows XP for cross-browser testing
  • Terminal for SVN (sometimes)

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