Install WordPress from development to production

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To install WordPress from development to production, one need to take care of below steps:

  • Get the zip of the WordPress instance from development server
  • Get the database zip of the WordPress to be uploaded on production
  • Collect wp-config.php details
  • Alternatively you can use any migration plugin

Once website is ready on development server, sometimes it is risky to migrate to live site as there comes many issue while migration.
Once can face below issues while migration from development server to production server
-Potential organic traffic, ranking, or conversion rate decline on live site
-Increase in bounce rate on live site
-Downtime of webiste
-Internal and external links are broken
and many more

If you follow proper flow of migration, one can avoid above issue to a large extent

Get the zip of the WordPress instance from development server

As a developer, you must uploads all the modifed files associated with Themes and plugins via FTP or cpanel on production environment. Create a zip of Themes and Plugins and upload to production

Once zip upload is completed, create a zip of latest database from the development server and upload on production server

Collect wp-config.php details

Collect wp-config.php details from the old production file other required details. update wp-config.php files with the latest data

	 //** The name of the database for WordPress */
	 //define('DB_NAME', 'geeker');

	 /** MySQL database username */
	 //define('DB_USER', 'geekerhub');

	 /** MySQL database password */
	 //define('DB_PASSWORD', '12345');

	 /** Database hostname */
	 //define( 'DB_HOST', 'localhost' );

	 /** MySQL hostname */
	 //define('DB_HOST', '');

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